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In order to volunteer on WWOOF host farms in Germany you must become a member of WWOOF Germany. Membership lasts for one year. To do so click “Registration”. You will then receive an email that asks you to confirm your registration. After doing so, you activate your membership by paying the membership fee. You can pay in the following ways:
1) PAYPAL (quickest option)
2) MONEY TRANSFER (only for EU countries)
3) SENDING CASH (in Euros only!)

The host's contact details are available for members of WWOOF Germany. Membership lasts for one year and only continues into the following year if you renew your membership by paying the annual fee again.

Click here to learn more about the membership fee

That's the question we get asked, when people discover that you can get addresses of organic farms on the internet for free as well. So why pay for it? Some people have even accused us of cheating people out of their money. To help you understand why it is necessary for us to charge a small fee we will go into some detail here…

First of all, WWOOF Germany is a registered charity. Our staff has been working on a voluntary basis since we started. Due to the growing work-load we recently decided to establish small paid positions that manage incoming routines. All other work will still be done by our team of volunteers – including this funny translation :-)
As a non-profit organisation we are not allowed to generate financial profits. However, running WWOOF is not for free: we have to pay for printing and dispatching the host lists and newsletters, and for the development and maintenance of our website. Furthermore, events such as our AGM and the 2008 WWOOF Europe Gathering cost a lot of money.

On the other hand, WWOOF Germany is much closer to its members than most free-of-charge online communities and offers a maximum of transparency. For example, every member of WWOOF Germany is welcome to attend our AGM including the committee elections. Each year at Whitsun, it takes place at a different WWOOF host farm where we spend a long weekend of wwoofing, eating delicious food, socialising and much more. It is an excellent opportunity to get to know WWOOF and the people behind it.

Furthermore, members of WWOOF Germany are sent a newsletter three times a year. It includes current news and possibly amendments to the host list. WWOOFers and WWOOF hosts can place small ads and publish their own personal WWOOF stories.

Sure, you can get lots of addresses for free on the web – but there is a high risk that they are not genuine. WWOOF Germany is in touch with its hosts and we take complaints by WWOOFers and hosts very serious.

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As we cannot allocate transactions from non-members, the payment details are available only if you register, log in on and then follow the link in MY PROFILE&ACCOUNT => “Payment information”.

ATTENTION: To renew your membership you do not have to register again! To renew your membership you will find all required information in your profile as well.

Yes! Since February 2013 you have to print out your WWOOF Membership card from your own profile and account page. This card serves as a proof of your membership and should be carried along whenever you visit a WWOOF farm.

As a proof of valid membership to “Freiwillige Helfer/innen auf ökologischen Höfen e.V.” (WWOOF Germany) it will be enough to present this printout at the farm at the moment of your visit (both color and black&white print outs are accepted). In addition, there is an online verification tool to be used by the farm owner in order to verify if you are currently a WWOOF Germany member (by means of entering your membership number).

Have you changed your email address? Please do not perform a new registration!
Send us an email to kontakt at, including your old emailadress and your full name for identification.

Please click on the name of the farm in the list to get the farm description.
The farm description will appear below the table! (If necessary, scroll down).

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Reasons for that can be

1) that you haven't paid the fee yet (check your “membership status” in the “my account” section)
2) that you provided an inaccurate address or none at all
3) that there is a delay on our part – sorry! Please contact us at for information

The online list is always up-to-date, whilst the printed list can only be a version of the day it was printed.
You will find the online database of WWOOF-farms listed in Germany if you follow the navigation to “Farms”.
This is how to use the search function:
First of all there are two methods to search: search filter and search for words.
Activating a filter will delete an entered search word! please type in your search word again.
You can use the search field “Enter search word…” to find farm descriprions containing your search word or a farm number.
Actual there are the following filters available:
-federal state
-vegetarian food
It is possible to activate more than one filter!

The search result will be shown below the search field ordered by “updated”.
Please click on the name of the farm in the list to get the farm description.
The farm description will appear below the table! (If necessary, scroll down).

about your wwoof stay

No, you don't. WWOOF is an exchange – you give a hand to your host in exchange for food, accommodation and an opportunity to learn about organic farming.
Some hosts provide you with some pocket money if you are staying for a long time.

You do. WWOOF Germany only passes on addresses.
We do not arrange your journey or your stay at a host farm.
Most of the host farms provide information “How to get there” in their description.
Some host farms do offer a “pic-up service” at a bus or railway station.

This is a link to the visa regulations published by the federal foreign office of the german government:
Visa regulations

That can differ from host to host. Most hosts are happy if WWOOFers contact them as early as possible because it facilitates their planning. Others however, might not be able to plan long-term ahead. In any case, you should make individual enquiries. Sometimes hosts provide information on the issue in their list description. Most important of all: Stick to the arrangements that you make with your host. Notify them in advance if you have to cancel an appointment.

It is best that you contact the host directly and ask them, as some hosts are very happy to have children and/or pets around and others are not.
The host description on the list might provide hints but it is always better to ask the host directly.

Farm projects are events organized by hosts themselves in order to realize particular projects together with WWOOFers.

Farm projects must meet the following criteria:

-related to agriculture, gardening, self-supply, possibly building
-offering learning possibilities for WWOOFers
-having a fixed goal that can be reached in the given frame of the project
-a time frame of 3 to 14 days
-comply with the rules for a WWOOF-stay (according to the Member’s obligations)

That depends on the host farm. Some of them will be able to offer an internship but you will have to do some inquiry to find out.

WWOOF Germany does not provide host lists of other countries!

If you would like to get addresses of hosts in other countries in order to go wwoofing there, you need to get in touch with the corresponding national WWOOF organisation (more about that..). Please note that the different national WWOOF organisations are independent from one another and most will ask you to pay a membership fee on their own.

WWOOF-Independent (UK):
Publishes a list of host farms in countries which do not have their own WWOOF- organisation

Note, that there is a separate independents-list for host farms in Latin America available at

No – you only have to be willing and able to actively support your host farm. If you are under 18 you must make sure, that hosts know about that from your inquiry. You should carry along a letter of agreement from your parent/s or guardian.

Actually you might like to check out another program if you are under age: landleben-life


WWOOF Germany is a registered charity that holds a list of organic farms, gardens and smallholdings, all offering food and accommodation in exchange for practical help on their land. WWOOF facilitates contact between these farms and interested volunteers. You do not need to be an expert in agriculture or gardening to become a WWOOFer.

Note that WWOOF Germany only provides a list of host addresses. Contacting the hosts and organising the journey is entirely up to you. WWOOF Germany was founded in the autumn of 1987 and is based on an idea that was developed in the UK in the 1970s.

It is best if any problems can be resolved by open and fair communication between the host and WWOOFer. However if this is not possible, further action might have to be taken. Both hosting and WWOOFing is a voluntary activity based on trust.
If the arrangment is not working for whatever reason, either side has the option to end the exchange. This means a host has the right to ask a volunteer to leave their property (it is their home, after all) and a volunteer is free to leave the host early. If you feel the office needs to know what has happened and follow up, WWOOF Germany does have a complaints procedure in place. You can email us at and be sure that we will talk to you about your concerns in confidence.

(See Essentials)

WWOOF hosts should follow the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) organic principles as listed below, but need not be registered with a certificating organisation.

  • The Principle of Health: organic agriculture should sustain and enhance the health of soil, plant, animal human and planet as one and indivisible
  • The Principle of Ecology: organic agriculture should be based on living ecological systems and cycles, work with them, emulate the mand help sustain them
  • The Principle of Fairness: organic agriculture should build on relationships that ensure fairness with regard to the common environment and life opportunities
  • The Principle of Care: organic agriculture should be managed in a precautionary and responsible manner to protect the health and well-being of current and future generations and the environment

We think a rating or comment system can be a good option for big networks that are centrally organized and therefore do not have the capacity to deal with conflicts one by one. WWOOF is decentralized: In every single country, where there is a WWOOF-Organization, there are people as well to take care of WWOOF in their country. We see this as an opportunity to actually dealing with conflicts instead of just pointing at them. That's why we go for a quality managing system that we hope suits WWOOF well:

1. We take every single complaint seriously and deal with it. In conflict situations between WWOOFers and hosts, we hear both sides, performing an intermediary role, try to find out where the source of the conflict lies and decide weather we, as the WWOOF-Organization, are supposed to take action ( like personal conversation with the affected parties, warning hosts, excluding members sometimes)

2. We focus on regional host mentoring. There is a person responsible for host farms in each federal state that stays in contact with hosts, has at best visited all host farms there to get an impression of the situation, passing information to the hosts and having an open ear for their stories and experiences. As the host mentoring service is rather young in Germany, not all hosts have been visited so far. However, we are putting the host mentoring purposefully into force and are quasi every week coming closer the goal of having gained a personal impression of the situation on every host farm in Germany.

3.We believe a successful WWOOF-stay has a lot in common with successful communication. So we want to encourage you as WWOOFers and hosts to arrange terms even before the stay to prevent misunderstandings. It is best if any problems can be resolved by open and fair communication between host and WWOOFer instead of sitting out unsatisfactory situations and raising bad feelings afterwards.

No, we don't. You are responsible for your own safety. Some host farms have insurance that covers accidents, including serious ones. Please avoid gross negligence.

You may want to check out the insurance association OvEuropa –
OvEuropa is a registered non-profit association which provides it's members with a third party liability and personal accident, injury and illness insurance suited to volunteer work.
Basic= Volunteer, Accident & Illness
Intermediate= Basic + Travel
Full= Intermediate + extended Medical & Travel
The cost of joining OvEuropa is 35 Euros for one year, including the insurance premium. The association has been formed to respond to the need for a suitable insurance at a low cost for WWOOFers whilst staying on WWOOF host farms. The association can also provide information regarding visas, permits, health and medical care requirements within Europe.