WWOOF Winter Festival 2017 at host farm “Eulendorf” in the Eifel-region

Frank, WWOOF-Germany Eventmanager, reports from our first Winter Festival:

… And again a good lead from Jan, who recommended that cozy four-sided farm near Bitburg as the venue for this year's WWOOF Winter Festival.

One phone call was enough for Boris to be all for the idea of hosting the event. He not only designed projects for good weather (i.e. making firewood and building fences), but also some exciting indoor-projects for rainy weather.
And it came, as it had to, the name “winter” festival lived up to it's name: It snowed and if it didn't snow it rain came down in stair rods.

So we concentrated on those projects, we could work indoor at least.

A gate for the sheep's stable was built, the former pig's shelter was removed to the core quickly and rebuilt as a bee-house; In cooperation with the NABU (a nature conservation association), nesting boxes for hole-nesting birds and for bats were constructed. And during spare short stages without rain firewood was cut and splinted.
The highlight was firing the old stone-oven for baking bread and pizza!

Like that the 10 participating WWOOFers could learn handling woodworking machines, familiarise themselves with a wood splitter and learn to know masonry.

All in all it was a successful WWOOF-meeting, especially due to host farmer Boris' commitment.
An old saying proved true:
“There is nothing like bad weather, solely there are exciting WWOOF festivals