Projects, Projects

WWOOF-Germany carried out two events recently. Generally all members are invited!

WWOOF-autumn festival at host farm “Badel Nord-Ost” (879), September 29th to October 1st

In a wonderful half-timbered house of 1870 a community is getting started. In the orchard there is space for trailors to live in. “We want to have several small businesses here, a good way of living together and a joyful time alongside all the work.”

Several projects are done at one weekend. For instance:

Building a central compost-pile

This project was about collecting the compost in a central place. Therefore trunks were assembled and planked with slabs of wood. A lid for the whole thing was built in no time as well. The hosts had prepared tools and material very well.

WWOOF-Project weekend 08. to 10. September at host “Multyfarm” (825)

About the farm:
Fresh crops, all the time: “We grow more than 50 varieties of vegetables over the year and harvest on a weekly basis. What is harvested is spread in our Community Supported Agriculture. For tomatoes there is a greenhouse-tunnel, everything else grows outside. For a short time we also own a twin-tunnel, whereby we can amplify our offered vegetables in the winter period considerably.”

Multyfarm also provided several possible projects. For instance:


This has been a project for no more than 3 persons to occupy themselves with the construction of the dome for the oven. Important steps: Preparing the ground for the oven, Cutting fireclay-bricks, assembling stones in the right way to create the terminal shape.

You are eager for participating a procect yourself? Have a look at the Farm projects . Host are happy about WWOOFers taking part!