Hiking from Italy to Brussels

Marco is a pioneer of a cooperative mapping project called Ammappalitalia ( www.ammappaliatalia.it ). It is a free online platform where anyone can upload maps and descriptions of hikes (or bike and horse rides) to promote low carbon travel in Italy. A section of this platform, called VieWWOOF, is dedicated to pathways connecting wwoof farms to each other or to railway/bus stations.

In this moment Marco and his wife Marina, with their dog Bricco, are on their way towards Bruxelles. Of course by feet…

It will take them six months to arrive from the headquarters of Ammapalitalia Association in central Italy to the European Parliament in Belgium. The total lenght of their itinerary is 2400 kilometers.
Marco has decided to become a postman and carry personally a message about preservation of territory, environment and sustainable travel to the President of the EU Parliament. He and Marina are collecting suggestions, ideas and projects along their way interviewing associations, municipalities and single citizens every place they pass through.

Now they are in North Italy, they have already passed the Appennini hills in central Italy, the Pianura Padana a bit norhter and arrived in the Alps mountains. In the next days they will pass in Austria and then follow their itinerary through Germany, France and Luxemburg until arriving in Belgium in October. They have an appointment with the President of the EU Parliament on October 18th.

Through their way in Italy they have been hosted by a lot of private citizens as well as by associations, and also by several wwoof farms.

It is possible to follow them on http://www.ammappalitalia.it/paese-europa/ where each day a new piece of map is completed and a new adventure is posted.

They are still looking for people who can host them in Austria, Germany, France, Luxemburg and Belgium. In case you are willing to meet them, to host them or to contribute in any way to this project you can contact them at msloperfido@gmail.com.