WWOOF is a worldwide network to bring those people, who try a sustainable way of living in the countryside, together with those who want to learn about it.

As a member of WWOOF Germany you have access to the contact details of more than 400 hosts in Germany and will be able to make inquiries to arrange WWOOF stays by yourself.

WWOOF hosts are often tied to their farm because of all the work and cannot travel themselves. But people from all over the world are coming to visit them, to be of good help, bring ideas, experiences and spirit.

Thereby an easy learning situation can be possible, that benefits both sides. Wwoofing provides you a way of learning about organic food, agriculture, and sustainable ways of living by trying things out yourself. You will have the opportunity to meet local people, make contacts and, who knows, maybe you will find yourself living in the countryside one day.

Interview with Sue Coppard, founder of the WWOOF

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