There are many WWOOF organisations around the world, but there is no single WWOOF membership that covers all countries.

If you go WWOOFing in a foreign country, please note:
Never mention WWOOFing as “WORK” when you request a visa or when you enter a country! If you do you might not be allowed in again!

REMEMBER: Always give “HOLIDAY” as purpose of your travel!


  • You want to wwoof in an other country than germany?
    Please use the link below with contact details of countries WITH their own WWOOF-organization:
    WWOOF Independents / National WWOOF organizations
  • For all countries WITHOUT their own WWOOF-organization:
    WWOOF-Independent: Publishes a list of countries that do not have their own national WWOOF organisation with access via a secure website.
    More Information about WWOOF-Independent