WWOOF gives you the opportunity to gain first hand experience in farming, growing and in supplying yourself in the countryside in exchange for your practical help. Apart from that, WWOOFing actively supports the organic movement and is an excellent opportunity to get out and to get to know new people and different lifestyles.
The host list provides short descriptions and contact details of each of the host farms in Germany. Note, that the details are provided by the hosts themselves. WWOOF Deutschland e.V. cannot take responsibility for their accuracy.

Helping your host

Working hours on a farm are flexible. They depend on the people, the plants and the animals there – and even more on the season and the weather. WWOOFers are expected to take part in daily life at the farm hands on! Please communicate in advance on how the day-to-day routine will be like. A WWOOF-stay succeeds with good communication. You as WWOOFers and hosts TOGETHER form WWOOF in a way it is enriching for all of you. This is both challenge and freedom of wwoofing.

What you should bring along

Most important will be your willingness to adopt to new situations and lifestyles. Apart from that some sturdy, water-proof clothing is essential, a sleeping-bag always useful. You can only bring pets if your host agreed in advance.

Getting there

WWOOF Germany provides contact details of host farms. It is up to you to arrange a WWOOF stay and to organize your trip to finally get there. It is up to you to, if necessary, obtain an appropriate (tourist) visa.
A host description includes information about the location of the host farm and how to arrive there. Ask your host, if you need further details or in the case that you rely on a pick-up from the next train-station.
Some of the farms are located in isolated areas that are difficult to reach with public transportation.


Many of the hosts are open to WWOOFers bringing their children with them (see host list). However, you should always discuss that with your host in advance.

Board and Lodging

Accommodation at WWOOF hosts is often simple and provisional. We strongly suggest that you take a sleeping-bag with you, especially if you stay short-term only. Details about board and lodging can be found in the host descriptions. As a WWOOFer you can expect to be offered decent food and accommodation.


WWOOFers are responsible for their own insurance protection. Check you have insurance that covers medical care (including transportation home) and accidents. You should also be covered against you injuring other people or losing or breaking other peoples' property. Make sure your insurer knows that you will be a volunteer on a farm.
You may also want to check out a company called OvEuropa ( OvEuropa is a registered non-profit association which provides it's members with a third party liability and personal accident, injury and illness insurance suited to volunteer work.

WWOOF-Germany does not offer insurance coverage for WWOOFers!

Contacting the host

Choose your favorite hosts out of the host list and get in touch with them. We suggest to contact hosts in written form first (email or post), giving an impression of who you are, why and for how long you would like to be a WWOOFer at their place. Experience shows that some hosts don't find the time to reply to you during high season. A phone call may then be an opportunity to find out quickly, if a WWOOF stay is imaginable.
If you arranged a WWOOF stay but cannot make it, please let your host know as soon as possible!
Non-shows are disappointing for the affected host and not fair towards other WWOOFers who might have wanted to go there instead.

What happens if things go wrong?

It is best if any problems can be resolved by open and fair communication between the host and WWOOFer. However if this is not possible, further action might have to be taken. Both hosting and WWOOFing is a voluntary activity based on trust.
If the arrangment is not working for whatever reason, either side has the option to end the exchange. This means a host has the right to ask a volunteer to leave their property (it is their home, after all) and a volunteer is free to leave the host early. If you feel the office needs to know what has happened and follow up, WWOOF Germany does have a complaints procedure in place. You can email us at and be sure that we will talk to you about your concerns in confidence.