Farm wwoof projects

Please find below the table of WWOOF projects organised by the farm owners.
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Farm- numberFederal stateProject title and descriptionProjekt duration (days)Project starts (date)
1224 Hessen Renovating the helpers apartement:
We want to build a nice and cosy apartment for our helpers and wwoofers. Many different works have to be done such as laying tiles, dry building, renewing the heating system, building a bathroom, plastering with clay, painting, pepping up furniture. Everyone can contribute according to their ability and desire - and we'll be happy to teach you new skills! Of course we use ecological friendly materials wherever it is possible.
14 Tage2019-03-01
1216 Sachsen Spring on the farm:
Spring on the farm, the farm is taken out of winter sleep. Lambs and rabbit babies want to be cared for, prepare in the garden, draw planting plans, put the first vegetable seeds into the early bed, ... Project time is flexible. We can show you how planting plans are drawn up, among others
1081 Rheinland-Pfalz Rebuilding:
I want to convert an old horse stable into a common space. The first stage involves ripping off horse boxes, lifting out the old floor, plastering the walls with clay plaster and planning the room layout. This is followed by the laying of the new floor, if possible, with old stoneware tiles and installation of the water and the electrics ... So everyone who feel like doing this is welcome.
894 Schleswig-Holstein Build a canopy:
Over our Wwoofer caravan we want to build a roof with canopy. In addition, it is essential to clean and better structured our carport, build cat sleeping places for the wild cats and lplaces for the chicken. We will be happy to see you.
14 2019-03-02
865 Mecklenburg-Vorpommernburg-Vorpommern Stall or barn floor:
A cultural place in the middle of the village is to be built on our farm. In order to achieve this, we need help everywhere, on the farm or even on the construction site. First of all, it is gearing up, barn floor and also our cowshed, the garden must be prepared and the fences must be revised. Everyone can contribute according to their skill and desire – and we are happy to teach you new skills
1064 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Planting trees ...:
We take care for several small forest-plots (between 0.6 an 10 hectare) and manage them in a sustainable and ecological way. Within the last years we reforested about 7 hectare. A 1,3 hectare big and overgrown farmhouse garden nearby Neukloster (state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) shall be reanimated. Old yew-trees and fruit-trees will remain and new broadleaf-trees will be planted. In April 2018 we cleaned up the plot and fenced it against roe and red deer. In November 2018 we planted 1.500 Sorbus torminalis, Prunus avium, Acer platanoides and Pyrus pyraster – supported by Wwoof. We are aiming for a forest with a high biodiversity and appropriate to the locations, bringing back some of the character of the former garden. Right now we want to continue the work we did not finish in January 2019. We want to plant and sow trees (as far as we have no frost) and clean the area from shrubs. At the same time we can have a look at interesting plots and plantations nearby or discuss interesting topics like how to plant / sow trees, interesting facts about different tree species, conflict between wild-life and growing trees, biodiversity, wildlife-trees, … We provide tools, safety-clothes and accommodation in a hostel in Neukloster called “Jugendscheune”. We will have lunch together out in the forest using our wood-stove. Transfer from / to station of Blankenberg (MV) is possible.
520 Baden-Württemberg Lambing season:
I`m looking for help with lambing time fro, mid of march until end of april. It´s mostly will be helping with work in the stables and around the farm. If you like working sheep and want to learn much about lambing, helping with birth, sharing young lambs, helping the animals by homoeopathy , then you are right on our farm.
14 Tage 2019-03-10
121 Hessen Cut apple trees on stray orchards:
The tree cutting time starts, that's what we want to tackle from March 10. We are happy to cut trees together with you, clean up the stray orchards and make bonfire.
14 Tage2019-03-10
388 Niedersachsen A new home for little willows:
We will renew a new bed for the alpine willows, take weed away and harvest willowsticks to plant new ones.
With this little field we show our audience how to grow little willows attractive to bees and butterflys
794 Falkenberg Set up a trailer:
We want to build a trailer from an ecological point of view and are looking for support !! We live 50km northeast of Berlin. Out place is quiet located, 11 small and large people, animals (poultry, sheep, dog, cat, mouse). You can learn from and with us how a small "house on wheels" is planned and built. In addition, there is plenty of time to relax and enjoy peace. You can live in a nice converted trailer, there is a communal kitchen, a full fridge - and of course endless thanks! Accessibility with public transport is bad, but feasible. Happy mom or dad with a child or even a Berliner who only want a WE out are welcome. We're glad to see you!
2-14 Tage2019-03-16
794 Brandenburg Site trailer :
From the end of March: Hofgemeinschaft 50km northeast of Berlin is looking for craftsmen (children are welcome) for the construction of a site trailer. There is a lot of peace, 11 people large and small, animals (poultry, sheep, dog, cat, mouse). The nearest town (Eberswalde) is 10 km away. The site trailer is built up from the chassis in a new ecological way. You can live in a beautiful extended construction car (4x2m), there is a kitchen, a full fridge and many thanks!
1268 Sachsen Facade design of a barn:
I have already done half the side of the barn, now the second side is to be made. The lime plaster is to be put off the wall. After that, the beautiful fieldstone wall will be restored. So is not a difficult task. I have a lot of fun with it and I will of course support you in this. We have breakfast together next. In fine weather we always eat outside. You can also arrive later and stay shorter or longer, we definitely welcome support. I'm looking forward to seeing you.
14 Tage2019-04-01
682 Bayern Donky farm needs support:
We are looking for longterm wwoofer but we are also looking for support for all areas at the donkey farm during the Easter time.
14 Tage2019-04-01
234 Mecklenburg Vorpommern Farm succession:
Farm succession: Near the Baltic Sea, a self-catering yard (6000 sqm) is vacated for new guardians on women's land, a place of life and learning of female strength. Residential building with about 120 sqm of renovated and about 150 sqm of unsanitiated area, a barn, a stable and space for others Residential constructions invite you to build on and live.
393 Brandenburg Designing a wetland biotope:
Project steps: Construction of a garden cottage for the use of roof drainage for the wetland biotope. Preparation of the already roughly excavated pond and biotope area for putting in the foil and gravel spills. Planting and designing of streams and pond biotops. We look forward to seeing you.
ca 14 Tage2019-04-03
1006 Bayern tree planting / forest works:
We have an approximately 30ha large forest, which is designated as a protective forest. We manage this forest fully from the perspective of sustainability. In recent years, the bark beetle has been very active and we need to replant some areas and want to make the tree population more diverse in order to have a healthy forest in the future. Specifically, 2,500 trees will be planted here, old fences must be mined, bite protection and growth aids are applied to naturally rejuvenated trees. The whole action will also be very informative for each helper, as we are supported by a non-profit association, which stands by our side with help and advice and always gladly answers all questions and always shares knowledge about forest and nature
3 Tage2019-04-05
1224 Hessen Renovating heritage half-timbered house:
Have you always wanted to learn some skills of a carpenter under the expert guidance of an experienced carpenter? Over Easter, our beautiful half-timbered barn will be renovated and we are looking for people to help us and our carpenter.
861 Bayern Training place for donkeys:
Donkeys are often afraid of unknown things, a training ground serves to take away their fear of these. We do not want to build a place with plastic obstacles, but as far as possible with wood from our own forest; obstacles slalom and bridge and as far as time remains to start training on the equipment with the donkeys.
14 Tage2019-04-14
539 Hessen Loam and Life:
Because the anticipation of clay construction is already sprouting up, I would like to start from Sunday 14 April to Friday 26 April with the first clay days in 2019. Make clay stones, mix plaster mixtures themselves on different surfaces, create ornaments, mosaic images inclay. Depending on the weather conditions, the garden needs attention, wild herbs can be collected and processed. Bring your themes, everything that moves you right now. We have enough time to eat together, in the evening, in between-to get to know each other, to exchange ideas, to share our visions and life plans. It is, of course, also possible to be only part of the specified time.
809 Brandenburg Building week:
As every year, we will once again host a sociable working building week. There's a lot of work to be done and I think for every taste there will be something. -plant trees; -In our oven house, the roof must be repaired; -The vegetable garden is happy about many enthusiastic hands; -The summer kitchen we started last year at the construction week is waiting to be finished-to install sleeping level, build kitchen equipment; -building with pastures; -The fire pit needs new seating; -pulling fences. We organize everything together. Sleeping in the cozy guesthouse, plan together the days, who cooks, who takes care of the children ... In the end, there is a little party where we will celebrate our joint action and the things that have been created. In recent years, it's always been a very joyful time. We look forward to seeing you, Flo, Jonas and Julika
1286 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Garden Workcamp at Easter:
At Easter we invite many friends and helpers to cultivate the vegetables together with us. We will prepare beds, set up junk plants, set up irrigation, create wood chip paths and much more. Last but not least, we spend a nice time together:)
787 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Fresh for spring:
"Fresh for spring" in the stable and in the pasture. 2-4 days, 2-3 Wwoofer: From 25 to 28 April or from 2 to 5 May the first Wwoofer determines the date. Our small stable is to be cleaned in April and the manure is to be distributed on the pasture. The moles and thistles are smoothed or ejected, the fences are cared for driving out. Of course, this also includes a cosy get-together by the fire on which we cook together. Also at this time there are newborn coats to look after and admire ... Best regards Hannes and Sophie
765 Schleswig Holstein Open day :
We are looking for helpers. Hello, we open our doors and would like to invite you to participate. On 15.09.2019 from 11am-6pm we celebrate the open day with artisan market around the Aukrug Nature Park region.
3 Tage2019-09-14