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Please find below the table of WWOOF projects organised by the farm owners.
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Farm- numberFederal stateProject title and descriptionProjekt duration (days)Project starts (date)
1234 deu Potatoes harvest:
we want to harvest our yellow and red potatoes… 13.-14. October. We are Looking forward to welcome you. Marion
234 MeckPom Change hands from old to young:
In the week from 15th to 21st October we invite women with children, with the desire to have children and women who would like to live with children for an introductory week on the Beginenhof (farm 234) in Ostvorpommern. We have the desire to hand over this farm to the next generation and to keep it in the hands of women. The farm consists of 6,000 square meters of wild land, good for transforming into gardens, some old deciduous trees, pastures and an adjacent pond. Arronding areas can be leased to. There is a refurbished house.. You can read more about at our farm page or contact me directly. We look forward to all those who wants to join us. Sincerely, Ursula
1093 Sachsen Apples:
Our fruit meadow is running over! If you want to have a nice landscape in the middle of golden apples in short term, you can help us collecting the apples in the next days (15./16.10.). If you want to stay longer you can help us to cook applesauce etc.
853 Niedersachsen Harvesting and conserving, clay work:
Harvesting walnuts, fruits, vergetables and herbs and preparing them deliciously for the winter. Covering a wall with clay - for people who are experienced in clay work
931 Bayern Back to the roots-peppermint:
The peppermint moves to a new field. We have to dig up the old roots and plant them in the new field. Although there is some mechanization, there is still a lot of manual work left. Some helping hands are welcome.
455 Niedersachsen Who gets whom - prepairing flocks for breeding:
Following a concept of carefully selected matches, we sort out future mothers for breeding, check their health giving necessary treatments. We compose breeding groups and put them separatly with the future fathers, breeding rams, on fresh meadows. The lambs born in 2018 and the ewes not fit for breeding any more form new groups and go to fresh meadows, too. For this work we need strong, helping hands who are not afraid of sheep. All the rest will be learned by doing.
14 Tage2018-10-26
1064 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Planting a new forest:
Our forest business cultivate several small forest areas.The cultivation is sustainable and regional adapted. In November we want to plant different trees on these areas. There will be time for discussion and excursion: During lunchtime we will eat together in the forest with the help of our wooden oven.
630 Meckleburg-Vorpommern Work with clay :
Work with clay and wood for designing the roof, a room and the windows.
5 Tage2019-04-29