Farm wwoof projects

Please find below the table of WWOOF projects organised by the farm owners.
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Farm- numberFederal stateProject title and descriptionProjekt duration (days)Project starts (date)
1161 Hessen Completing a greenhouse:
At our small diverse organic farm misses a greenhouse! The "skeleton" of our greenhouse is built since a week, now we need to put on the foil. With this and other diverse works with sheep, horses, chickens and vegetables we could very well need your help and are looking forward to have you here!
1070 Nordrhein-Westfalen Tiny house:
Construction of a tiny house based on an old scuttlebutt trailer.
14 Tage2018-08-12
853 Niedersachsen (im Dreiländereck zu Thüringen u. Hessen) Permaculture and organic horticulture as a climate protection task:
We understand theory and practical connection as an educational task for individuals. A number of texts are needed for projects on the way e.g. to funding and to public. We create the texts together with the Team. We are looking forward seeing you.
2 Wochen2018-08-15
894 Schleswig Holstein Roof extension:
The room for meditation an for our guests needs a new roof.
1 Woche 2018-08-19
1246 Bayern Make a pavilion out of Robinia trunks:
I just got some local Robinia trunks (8 cubic metre). We‘d like to build a summer pavilion next to our wood stove to sit and eat outside and also sleep above in the summer. Upper floor and roof is planed to be a reziproke construction. Here is an inspiration of something like this:
Some more pictures of the material and a machine I built to shave the trunks sapwood:
If someone has an understanding and/or interest in building such a tiny house please don’t hesitate:)
630 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Work with clay :
Work with clay and wood for designing the roof, a room and the windows.
5 Tage2018-08-20
1154 Niedersachsen Living on a farm:
We are looking for a nice family who are interested in living on our farm for two weeks from end of August until mid of September. We have subsistence farm. Greetings Sara.
1165 Baden-Württemberg Garden -- Forest - Parcour:
In September we just have some work to do. We will start with our garden/forest/parcour project. The garden will be prepared for the wintertime, the forest do not need the game fence anymore and a new arc parcours for our area will be designed. These are interesting things and we invite you to assist us, we just have rooms for about 5 persons.
14 Tage2018-09-01
974 bayern Harvesting hazelnuts:
In harmony with th nature hazelnuts harvesting, in the evening relaxing. Join us.
2 Wochen2018-09-03
1216 Sachsen Helping for celebrating :
We need help in the week before our big farm-party in September, 15th. Of course you are dearly invited to celebrate with us!
1-7 Tage2018-09-08
122 Hessen Orientation week:
Combination of discussion of way of life and work on the farm.
1064 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Planting a new forest:
Our forest business cultivate several small forest areas.The cultivation is sustainable and regional adapted. In November we want to plant different trees on these areas. There will be time for discussion and excursion: During lunchtime we will eat together in the forest with the help of our wooden oven.
630 Meckleburg-Vorpommern Work with clay :
Work with clay and wood for designing the roof, a room and the windows.
5 Tage2019-04-29