Farm wwoof projects

Please find below the table of WWOOF projects organised by the farm owners.
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Farm- numberFederal stateProject title and descriptionProjekt duration (days)Project starts (date)
388 Niedersachsen Willow Harvest:
Wintertime is harvesting time for willows, that is why we want to cut, sort and bound willows from the trees living fences or buildings with a couple of people - fun on the field - Start is on February the 12th until the 21th of February 2018. You are welcome!
11 Tage 2018-02-12
880 Baden-Württemberg Lambing season:
Our lamb time has begun and will last until the end of April. You learn a lot about the birth of sheep (obstetrics), motherless lamb rearing and care/feeding of sheep and lambs. We have milk sheep and produce cheese, so if you are interested, you can also help with milking and in the dairy.
1158 Niedersachsen Build a new permaculture garden :
From Feburary on we will design and realize a permaculture garden in different steps. You can see how permaculture works and you can learn more about the handling with different instruments.
3 Tage2018-02-16
996 Bayern Backhaul/Tree-cut/new place for the Beehouse:
This year we want to finish our baking house and therefore we need persons with craftsmanship. Furthermore our beens are getting a new living place protected by an benjes hedge and also our higher vegetable patches should be prepared for planting.
5-14 Tage2018-02-17
1161 Hessen Get the horses to work!:
Until spring tillage, our two heavy work horses Rita and Lisa have to get back into routine and get used to work together. A helper would be very practical! Next to the usual jobs on our farm you can assist us in the (almost daily) horse training until the end of February. There's the possibility to learn a lot about horse work in agriculture. You don't need any prior experience. You should not be afraid of big horses. We are looking forward to your inquiry!
mindestens 7 Tage (regelm. bis Ende Februar)2018-02-19
1080 NRW Tree protection:
We have to protect our trees against browsing. You can live in a nice holiday home.
26562 Niedersachsen Wood work:
Interesting wood work: From cutting the trees, transport the trees with horses out of the forest und processing the wood in a small scale to preparing fire wood. We are looking forward to welcoming you.
1073 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Creating a self-sustaining garden:
Hello Wwoof people! The new season is on the doorstep and we want to use the time to start a self-sustaining project. This involves the construction of greenhouses, the preparation of the garden and the planning and getting to know of permaculture techniques. At leisure, the beautiful natural surroundings invite you to explore or we organize trips to the nearby Baltic Sea. Our water castle and its 18 hectares of land, park and forest invite you - we look forward to seeing you!
1186 Brandenburg Creation of a swimming pond:
We want to build up a swimming pond for our fishes and dugs. The beginning is already done, now we have to integrate the filter and to stabelize the wall. We are looking forward to welcome you here.
7 Tage im März 2018 2018-03-01
700 Bayern Seed and planting season with bokashi, terra preta...:
We will fertilize our soil with natural fertilizer by using Terre Preta, Bokashi and co. You can learn more about the handling of different types of compost...
14 Tage2018-03-04
777 Brandenburg Are you ready for the lambseason ?!:
Our sheep are ready te get babys now. We need you to help us with feeding and take care of the young lampy and there mumies. Take care of the bottle feeded lambs.
1150 Sachsen-Anhalt Spring is coming!:
Winter time is gone and we are trying to start preparing the upcoming season and its projects: - finish the herb garden; - creating a pond; - preparing the pastures; - roofing the shed; - preparing our spring event
520 Baden-Württemberg Experience lambing time with black mountain sheep:
We are looking for help with lambing from 13th to 25th of march and from 9th to 21 of april. If you like to work with animals, look for experience in helping with birth and raising small lambs you are welcome on our farm in this time
1064 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Garbage-free forest:
We want to recultivate an old garden (from a deep sleep). Before planting trees and plants we have to collect the garbage and sort the garbage. During the project you will sleep at our expense in a hostel near by.
578 Rheinland-Pfalz Co working days:
Dear Woofer, you are very welcome to participate in our `Mitmach Weekend´, we will build toguether the Tipis and Middel age Tents for our Campground. Also we need every helping hand for our self-catering garden. For a special treat, we will have a "mini-Irish-Folkfestival" on friday evening!!! with a campfire, good food, drinks and good spirits :) We can't wait to hear from you!
787 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Fit for spring - mucking-out the barn and preparing for pasture:
We are looking for 1 to 2 extra Wwoofers (1 wwoofer already in residence), from appr. 5 to 8 april or the week after, 12-15 april. The sheep barn needs mucking-out after winter, we will bring the old manure on our pasture and take care of molehils, thistles and repairing fences. But we'll also have a good time outside, cook by the campfire in the garden and put our feet in the baltic sea. By then the lambs and little goats will be exploring the world as well and will provide entertainment. Cheers, Sophie & Hannes
1064 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Protecting fence against animals:
We want to recultivate an old garden (from a deep sleep). Before planting trees and plants we have to protect the garden against wild animals. So we will build a fence around the garden. During the project you will sleep at our expense in a hostel near by.
630 Mecklenburg Vorpommern Straw + loam insulation within the roof:
It is a co working action. We want to insulate together the roof with straw and loam paste. Everybody can take part. We want to work in the morning and in the afternoon we can sit together, cooking, relaxing e.g.
2 Wochen2018-04-23
787 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Cheese production practical training:
You will have the possibility to get a small practical training on cheese making including animal care, hand milking und production of cheese. It would be good if you have a bit experiences or if you are planning to do this in the future. You can extend your visit wwoofing on our farm.
775 Baden Württemberg Forest Garden with Permaculture Elements:
This year we would like to expand our alpine property on the hillside around a small forest garden with a fruit tree community as another permaculture element. In addition, more terraced beds with dry stone walls can be created on the slope. For the wood builders: we also plan to build an outdoor bed for sleeping and an Indian teepee. Your contribution is welcome as you like it and what gives you the most pleasure.
539 Hessen Loam days / Terra Preta:
WE will create loam stones, walls, a small loamhouse with creative ideas. You will also learn how to produce Terra Preta. In the evening we will relax with bonfire and sauna. The project runs from 25.5.-31.5. with a possibility to extend b 4 days. I am happy to see you here.
6-10 Tage2018-05-25
630 Mecklenburg Vorpommern Straw and loam insulation within the roof part II:
Co working action part II.
2 Wochen2018-06-18