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Please find below the table of WWOOF projects organised by the farm owners.
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Farm- numberFederal stateProject title and descriptionProjekt duration (days)Project starts (date)
974 Bayern Harvesting hazelnuts the traditional way:
Without much machines and technology - harvesting nuts together with nice people striking a balance with nature. And being proud of what came out in the evening! Slow and steady wins the race.
In the evenings we will sit together to learn to know each other and have good conversation.
ca. 14 Tage2017-09-06
1161 Hessen The elder berries are ripe!:
If you like to get something good out of nature and learn about its conservation, you are at the right place here! We harvest elder berries out of nature, put them in the steam juicer and make very nice jelly out of them. Different recipes, with some creativity. We will enjoy the jelly until next year's harvest. They are not only for ourselves but also for the members of our CSA (which is starting up right now).
Variabel. Ein Ernteeinsatz plus Entsaften und Gelieren dauert ca. 2 - 3 Tage.2017-09-13
682 Bayern Donkey project:
The donkeys had babies and they need more shelters and more space (fencing of meadows). We are looking forward seeing you on our farm.
14 Tage2017-09-15
122 Hessen Orientation week:
Orientation on organic farm for everybody. There is also space for meditative work such as weeding but also for working creative together such as building up a barn gate. But you can also learn more about yourself, to solve something and to withstand things not explainable. You can learn to trust yourself and to be with you. I can give inputs to different topics: food, permaculture, slaughter animals, religion, .... But you can also take the chance and to give contributions. Looking forward to an intensive and relaxing week.
528 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Restore an old building:
We will restore an old building, a timbered house. WE will work with traditional techniques.
570 Rheinland-Pfalz Autumn work:
We are searching interested people for the harvesting action in autumn. We also will pick up herbs and will develop a herb dictionary for WWOOFers. At midday and in the evening there will be a bonfire for all. We are looking forward to meet you.
14 Tage2017-09-18
700 Bayern Around goats:
3 bis 14 Tage2017-09-20
1121 Bayern External stable:
5 bis 8 Tage2017-09-23
1073 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Woodmaking and greenhouse construction:
Hello dear people! For the winter we want to make wood and look for diligent hands who are familiar with the chainsaw, the log splitter and the work on the wood. The castle will thank you and it will be warm and cozy indoors when it rains and rains outside :-). We offer you a unique natural scenery, tasty vegan / vegetarian food, a nice community with hopefully many different Wwoofern and the "autumn magic" in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. In nice weather we make trips to the Baltic Sea or sit together at the camp fire. We are happy to exchange ideas on permaculture and self-sufficiency! Accommodation in the almost 800 year old Wasserburg :-), which is otherwise used as guest house and pension. In addition, two to three large greenhouses await completion. This also requires some strong helpers. Strictly speaking, there are these two main projects and much more around the garden.
We are looking forward to everyone who wants to participate :-) The larger the group, the more interesting it is usually. We at the Wasserburg are, by the way, cheerful Christians and do not hide this either. Just contact us, we will gladly answer all your questions and try to make it as pleasant as possible!
14 2017-09-25
528 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Tattoos on the wall:
We will work with the material loam. We will become more familiar with working with loam, designing pasting, ...
966 Hessen Construction of a biomeiler:
1121 Bayern Wood work:
3-5 Tage2017-10-02
528 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Fruits workshop:
You have the possibility to learn more about old types of fruits. We will follow the cycle from tree to plate: harvesting fruits, farming and fruit pressing, cooking baking and conserve fruits.
570 Rheinland Pfalz Co-working weekend in autumn:
The weekend will take pace in October 13-15. Around the lake we want to create possibillties to swim. That means, replant plants, lay out a poor grassland and build a dry stone wall. There will be a concert on 14th and we will be happy to have you here. We will start on Friday 9 o`clock.

966 Hessen Construction of a biomeiler:
1154 Niedersachsen Renovating - the organic way:
We will restore the first floor of our farm house during the winter - all with eco-material.
We want to make the electrics new, as well as floors and walls. They will need some plastering then as well.
14 Tage2017-11-01
834 NRW Planting Planting Planting!:
This November we would like help with planting many bushes and trees around our smallholding, including the creation of a forest garden. Part of the planting session will be extending our orchard, increasing the diversity in our chicken forage area and a small amount of management in the areas we planted in previous years.
5611 Hessen Terra Petra:
Production of Terra Petra
6 Tage2018-10-29