Farm wwoof projects

Please find below the table of WWOOF projects organised by the farm owners.
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Farm- numberFederal stateProject title and descriptionProjekt duration (days)Project starts (date)
853 Niedersachsen Reculturing of an Herbs-Vegetables-Fruits-Flower-Bed:
Teaching permaculture principles by example of mixed cultures. Reorganizing and repairs wanted.
7 - 14 Tage2018-05-21
630 Mecklenburg Vorpommern stro and clay (adobe) in the roof:
539 Hessen Loam days / Terra Preta:
WE will create loam stones, walls, a small loamhouse with creative ideas. You will also learn how to produce Terra Preta. In the evening we will relax with bonfire and sauna. The project runs from 25.5.-31.5. with a possibility to extend b 4 days. I am happy to see you here.
6-10 Tage2018-05-25
700 Bayern Goat work:
122 Hessen Orientation week:
Orientation on organic farm for everybody. There is also space for meditative work such as weeding but also for working creative together such as building up a barn gate. But you can also learn more about yourself, to solve something and to withstand things not explainable. You can learn to trust yourself and to be with you. I can give inputs to different topics: food, permaculture, slaughter animals, religion, .... But you can also take the chance and to give contributions. Looking forward to an intensive and relaxing week.
1056 Baden Württemberg Herb drying stable :
Our stable needs a new roof, You are welcome to work with us ant to celebrate the roofing ceromony.
14 Tage2018-06-04
483 Sachsen Loam stones production:
14 Tage2018-06-04
1158 Niedersachsen Gardenerweek:
Now the garden maintenance is on the weekly program. After planting and sowing everything has to be taken care of daily. We also want to create a pond for the water supply in the garden and for our ducks. The daily animal welfare of the sheep, chickens and cattle provides you with knowledge about the handling of the animal species. We like to end the evenings at the campfire. Barbecuing, baking and cooking together are always on the plan.
1064 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Maintenance of young trees :
3-7 Tage2018-06-11
682 Bayern bayerischer Wald chicken castle :
we build a new house for the hens and seaching for help...the hens pay with pancake...
630 Mecklenburg Vorpommern Straw and loam insulation within the roof part II:
Co working action part II.
2 Wochen2018-06-18
960 Sachsen Build a plant-based purification systems:
Hello Wwoofer, We want to build a large plant-based purification systems this summer for 25 people. We ordered the construction manual and the Eqipment, as well as someone who knows exactly when to do what. Now we want to make a bed, distribute gravel and sand, and set the aquatic plants. We want to cook, dance and dig. Who wants to help?
5 Tage2018-06-25
1218 Thüringen claywork and "tadelakt":
Aloha! We will have 2 projects, one is with gras mats, isofloc, clay and lime, building walls and the other is the creative tadelakt.Explore your creativity in a whole bathroom. We always enjoyed to work together with Wwoofer's and will have also a lot of time for the lake nearby and the relaxing in the wild garden.
1172 BW Compost on steeper meadows:
On our steep meadows we want to spread compost, but there is no Chance to drive there with a car. So we will take a sledge for the transport. ON out farm there are also different Courses such as producing cheese.
je nach Interesse ca 1-2 Wochen2018-08-01
960 Sachsen This year's construction week: building with clay, roofing:
We want to cover our barn roof this summer. An experienced roofer gives one or two helpers an workshop how to work at height. Otherwise, we want to beautify our old mill building with a new common room. We work with clay and built with wood. Eating delicious, going for a swim, massage workshops and morning waking dancing are all part of this. Be cordially invited, even if you do not understand anything about building ... We also harvest and cook and feel well.
8 Tage2018-08-04
1064 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Planting a new forest: